We will take the appropriate action to protect your rights and do what is in the best interest of the children

In every circumstance where parties are separating, it is crucial they each obtain independent legal advice so that each of them know their legal rights and responsibilities.  This avoids future problems and gives each party direction as to how to not only develop a reasonable plan for settling all issues but also ensures that all the relevant issues are considered.

Having a consultation with a lawyer who specializes in family law is crucial in coming to a final resolution of all issues that need to be considered when parties separate.  At Oien Mediation + Family Law, we assist individuals in understanding what issues are relevant to their particular circumstances, and what their rights ad obligations are in relation to those issues.  Carolyn Oien is a very experienced lawyer who has practiced family law exclusively for almost three decades. She has counselled people through extremely complex and difficult cases and can help people through all legal aspects of their separation.

In her role as a mediator Carolyn works with both parties to arrive at a reasonable settlement of all issues of their separation.  Typically, each party will have their own lawyer to provide them with legal advice, however, Carolyn will meet with both parties to negotiate settlements that will form a separation agreement.  Mediation provides the parties an opportunity to negotiate in a safe environment with a person overseeing the process who keeps the parties on track and makes sure all relevant issues are discussed and concluded.  Carolyn has provided mediation services to Kamloops for 21 years.

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